Hiking is a particular sport which can require great stamina and physical fitness or can be just a gentle stroll. Hiking and trekking somewhat come together and can be described as outdoor exercises of same level. Here we will describe what is hiking as well as other useful tips and information which will help hikers.

Hiking basically can be described as walking leisurely on different terrains, whether mountainous, plain or various light rocky regions. Hiking is nowadays becoming very popular light sport with people of different ages since it allows them to increase their overall stamina. This type of outdoor exercise is quite convenient and economical as it requires no exercise machinery or equipment. A hiker just needs to walk according to his stamina. You can plan hiking trips while on vacations or weekends with your friends or family members who are also keen of hiking. Depending on the vacation time people have, they should plan trips of hiking and camping accordingly. Hikers need to plan their trip carefully as they need to keep in mind the weather conditions of the area in which they are interested in hiking. They should also consider the time they need to manage their hiking trip. Hiking is a major part of camping, mountaineering, navigation skills, rock climbing and many other extreme outdoor sports.

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